Success Stories

  • Dean, 28, Northhampton England, Travel Junky

    “If you want to find out exactly how to make tons of money, travel all over the world, and have a great time doing it, Tyson and John are your guys.”

  • Marcia K., 38, Kansas, Writer

    “I liked the tips for traveling cheap. You had plenty of examples of this with testimonials from other members, web sites and what to do to travel cheap.”

  • Susan V., 52, Brisbane Australia, Waiter

    “Thank you Tyson and John, I’ve been going through your travel income blueprint (the job one to be exact) and it’s helped a lot. I have waited to long to see the world but not anymore. I plan to skip out of here in the next two month and I am starting to find some opportunities in a few countries…”

  • Kyle H., 35, Mukilteo, WA, Engineering Technician.

    “I really liked how John and Tyson gave views of several different people and how they got their travel income success. Along with tips and tricks on how to survive on bare minimum. Really good information on making money in many different ways. Very informative”

  • Stef, 28 Hamilton NZ, River Guide

    “Tyson and John are right now about travel jobs and how to land them. I have been traveling around the world for a few years now and I got some nice travel job tips from them. It’s only getting easier and easier to stay out on the road.”

Testimonial Disclaimer: The testimonials on this page are from real members and we’re constantly receiving success stories from our members. Your personal results with our courses will vary based on the effort and action you put in.

  • Cristy P., 27, Jacksonville FL, Teacher

    “I am a teacher and I plan to do it for a long time. Teaching is a passion of mine but the problem is I don’t get paid a lot and basically want more money on the side. I got in to learn how to make passive income and the videos, interviews, handouts and steps have been great.

    I’ve learned more in the past month then I could have learned in college or anywhere of that matter. John and Tyson have want I call edutainment, which is educating and entertaining. Learning should be fun… plus, they really know what they’re talking about by showing you real business they’ve created and why they became successful…”

  • Ashley B. 21, South Africa, College Student

    “ works!  If it wasn’t for getting the Travel Jobs Blueprint I wouldn’t be on this journey in Thailand scootering from Chiang Mai to Pai.  Thank you:)”

  • Craig, 47, LA California, Sales

    “Hey John & Tyson, I got an email from you guys a few days ago asking how my experience has been with your travel and income information. First I’ve got to say that these past few months have probably been my best month in the past 10 years. I am 47 now and my life was getting a little on the boring side and you guys have opened me up to so many options and ways to get out and make traveling the world possible…”

  • Jena C., 25, Las Vegas, NV, Interior Designer

    “Great website with lots of information! There were a lot of great tips on how to travel while making money that I didn’t know about. Also, there are some great resource websites listed for flights, lodging & airfare & interviews from people who are actually putting the information to use.”

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