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We take pride in our customer support. Check out our super-awesome FAQ first and if you still have a question after reading, open a support ticket.

What do you cover in your courses? +

Each course covers the basic skills necessary to successfully complete the course and be paid handsomely.  These methods can be utilized anywhere in the world, allowing you to travel as much – or as little – as you want.

Each course has loads of the copy-and-paste templates, this way you don’t have to brain storm wondering what works, we have that covered.  The goal is to take a beginner and turn them into a well-paid professional.  If we don’t reach that for you, then we don’t want your money.

Do you ever add more content? +

Yes, of course.  We are constantly adding to the courses and adapting to changes.  You will have the opportunity to get new content each month.

We also take requests for new content. If you would like something to be added that’s not in the course, please open a support ticket to make a request.

Can I do a coaching call? +

Yes, through out the year we get on the phone with members to help brain storm a profitable directions to make their travel income dream possible.

When you get it, open up a ticket and let us know yo want a coaching call and we’ll put you on the list for our next coaching session.

Do you have a money-back guarantee? +

You have 5 days to try out the course. During that period, we have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

After your trial period has passed and you own the full course, we have the following guarantee: if you put to use the concepts and lessons we’ve taught you within 60 days of your order and you haven’t made back your investment in the course, you are entitled to a refund.

How much money can I make? +

That depends entirely on you and the course you choose.

For instance, if you decide to choose the Travel Jobs Blueprint then your income could range from $10-50 an hour.  Truth is, the payoff wouldn’t be in the money, if would be in the unforgettable memories traveling and working around the world.

If you choose the Passive Income Blueprint then your income will range from $0-100,000+ a year.  We have seen passive income streams in the seven figures from that course.  This course will take more dedication but the payoff is bigger.

With Passive Income, we receive loads of questions, watch the video below to learn more about what we teach and how much you can make.

If you choose a Specialty Course such as the Travel Photography Course then you could build up to make $30-$300+ per hour. However, this is not like a 9-5 job where you work 8 hours per day.  Or you might get on an assignment for a first world company where you can make a killing as your living expenses will be dramatically less, yet you’ll be on a first world salary.

As we said before, we give you the blueprint on exactly how to become success in the course you choose.  It will come down to what you do with it.

I am a beginner, what do you suggest I do? +

No worries, 80-90% of our members come in having no idea what to do and what they want.  They usually come just knowing that they want a change in their life and not sure how to get it…  This is where we come to the rescue:)

If you are a beginner we strongly suggest to jump right into our Getting Started Section.  It’s meant to realign you to what’s important to you and what you want to do with your life.  Then after that jump into a course with your new found motivation.

We get raving fans from this suggestion, give it a try and see what happens to your life.

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